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Electric Vehicles & Battery

e-Mobility Indonesia

Event: e-Mobility Indonesia 

Venue:  Jakarta (To be announced)

Date: To be announced


Supporting partner
AISMOLI (Association of Indonesian Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers)


e-Mobility Indonesia is a premier B2B2C Conference, co-organized by Boundless Business Group and AISMOLI, to showcase latest technology, products and trends in the electric vehicle and battery industry.

E-Mobility Indonesia is at the forefront of the micro-mobility movement.

Join us and discover the future of transportation.


AISMOLI (Association of Indonesian Electric Motorcycle  Manufacturers) 

AISMOLI is the Association of Indonesian Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers, an organization that oversees all-electric motorbike manufacturers and distributors and represents them in Indonesia.


The organization has been registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights since January 27, 2022.  Please visit

Event Highlights

0.1 The Exhibition

e-Mobility Indonesia

will seamlessly integrate the introduction of latest 2W and 3W technologies. Enable exhibitor to showcase their innovation to investors, leaders and global media. 

02. The Conferences

e-Mobility Indonesia

is positioned as the leading hub for learning and enhancing knowledge for micromobility innovators, government agencies, academy and start-ups. The conference celebrates learning, technology development and entrepreneurship.

03. Networking Events

Build relationship with leading policy-makers, government agencies, association leaders and academic institutions to foster knowledge and grow business opportunities. Connect with global investors who can help you

champion micromobility and gain success across Asia. 

04. EV Test Racing Track

e-Mobility Indonesia will showcase cutting-edge micromobility on our advanced race track. Get ready to be thrilled by top-notch experts unlocking the full potential of electric 2-wheelers. 

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