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Food & Beverages

Food & Culture Festival

"Seoul Sool Festival" is the very first cultural festival featuring Sool (Korean traditional alcohol) and cultural activities held in Seorae Mauel, known as French village in 2019. Seoul Sool Festival in Seoul, South Korea attracted +3,000 visitors from +20 countries with great success. The event was supported by Seocho district office under Seoul Metropolitan City. 

Event Highlights

World Poetry Reading

Select participants from UK, US, Germany, India, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Turkey, Korea, Japan, and Hungary recited a piece of poem in their mother tongue.


Dance & Music Program

-Flamenco, Artist Sonia Trio

-Jazz & Blues, Artist James Ash

-Calligraphy Performance, Artist "Meet Lucia"

-Korean Flute & DJing, Project team POTT

Food & Beverage Tasting


Online & Offline  Meetup

Boundless Group provides online event (business meetups) via webinars for restaurant owners, F&B managers, importers/suppliers, chefs and F&B enthusiasts to connect with F&B experts. The meetups enables participants to join.

The "Flavors of Korea Online Gathering" is an interactive webinar to ensure that all participants can introduce their businesses and network with like-minded entrepreneurs. The interactive webinar offers: 

Full program:

  • Panel Discussion: Industry Insights & Opportunities

  • Meet-and-Greet: Introduce yourself and get to know everyone

  • Q&A Session: Let the experts provide personalized answers to your business questions

  • Surprise Gifts: 10 winners stayed until the end of the webinar will receive surprise gifts

webinar 4.jpg

Offline Events

Boundless Group participated in offline events in conjunction with Plaza Indonesia and World Fashionpreneur Connect Indonesia to diversify K-Food experience in Indonesia. The offline events introduced the audience to authentic Korean food culture, preparation and history to enrich their culinary experience. 


  • Savor the Flavors: The Korean Royal Banquet

Royal banquet cooking demo 

Q&A session

  • I Love Food Bazaar

Exhibition with OPPAng dessert

"Empowering Your K-Food Business and Beyond" talkshow 

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