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Online-to-Offline Platform

Online Webinar

Boundless Group provides intensive webinar series "Go2Market" to discuss the strategies, challenges, and best practices of entering new markets and scaling beyond the home country for MedTech companies. 

Go2Market Webinar Series: 

  • Go2Market Webinar | Singapore

  • Go2Market Webinar | Germany 


Offline Cluster Site Visit and Meet

Boundless Group provides a global biomedical cluster landscape to help MedTech and BioTech companies find the best places for Go-To-Market overseas. We organize a series of “Global BioMedical Cluster Site Visit and Meet” with industry professionals as offline events.

Visit & Meet Series: 

  • Global BioMedical Cluster Series 2022: VISIT & MEET | Singapore 

  • Global BioMedical Cluster Series 2022: VISIT & MEET | Germany

  • Networking Night


Networking Nights

Boundless Group designs offline networking nights, combined with Visit & Meet, to connect companies with government agencies and global investors.


Going beyond conventional networking dinner, the networking night would come with complimentary premium food, beverage and live music to create an enthusiastic atmosphere for flexible networking. 

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