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I am a K-Pop Star Indonesia Press Conference soars in success

Updated: Apr 11

March 7 - Jakarta Indonesia Boundless Business Group introduced the "I am a K-Pop Star" to elevate the entertainment industry in Indonesia. This event ultimately empowers the local talent onto the international stage and garners global recognition. The press conference was met with resounding support from the Indonesian government, business center, and media, marking a pivotal moment for the nation's creative landscape.

Hosted in a spirit of collaboration and solidarity, the gathering showcased the unwavering commitment from the Indonesia Agency of Creative Economy (BEKRAF), Indonesia Comic Association (AKSI), Green Business Center, and esteemed media such as Detik and Tempo, to support and nurture the rich pool of talent within Indonesia. The press conference signals collective agreement and plays a pivotal role in shaping the nation's cultural identity and economic prosperity.

The representatives of the Indonesia Agency of Creative Economy (BEKRAF) and Indonesia Comic Association (AKSI)

The vibrant presence of Indonesian fanbase communities underscored the passionate enthusiasm of audiences both at home and abroad. The conference welcomed Ms. Bunga, Leader of BTS Army Indonesia community, whose unwavering support brought a significant impact on the local K-Pop fanbase community in Indonesia, further fueling aspirations and empowering growth for K-Pop enthusiasts in the nation.

Mr. Desire Rahadhani, Co-Founder of Friday Noraebang, the prominent group of Indonesian talent and KOL, emphasized the immense potential of Indonesia's creative industries and affirmed their dedication to facilitating opportunities for local artists and performers to thrive on a global scale at the press conference.

Mr. Desire Rahadhani, Co-founder of Friday Noraebang

Local Indonesian media played a crucial role in amplifying the message of the press conference, ensuring widespread coverage and engagement across diverse demographics. Their dedication to highlighting the achievements and aspirations of Indonesia's creative talents serves as a catalyst for broader recognition and appreciation.

Boundless Business Group with the esteemed Indonesian media

As the press conference drew to a close, participants expressed gratitude for the overwhelming turnout and reiterated their collective commitment to fostering an environment conducive to artistic excellence and global success. With unity and determination, Indonesia's art and entertainment industry stands poised to captivate audiences worldwide and elevate the nation's cultural legacy to unprecedented heights.

In conclusion, the resounding success of the press conference signals a new era of opportunity and advancement for Indonesia's entertainment industry. With the unwavering support of government agencies, businesses, fanbase communities, and media outlets, the nation's art and entertainment industry is primed for unparalleled growth and recognition on the global stage.

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